Sun Kicks Off Tech Days Conference in NYC

New Tools Offering Delivers Power of the Sun Java Enterprise System to Wall Street Developers

November 9, 2005

Continuing on the company’s commitment to the financial services market, Sun Microsystems, Inc., today hosted Sun Tech Days, a 2-day developer conference aimed at delivering the latest development trends, tools and technologies for the financial services developer. Hosted in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Center, the event is expected to draw over 500 attendees. During the event, Sun announced new features in the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7 development environment, and a new tools promotion featuring Java Studio Creator.

“Sun continues its focus to help the financial services industry tackle some of the most complex challenges it has ever faced,” said Stuart Wells, senior vice president, financial services, Sun Microsystems. “Sun has hosted a compelling venue to aid many of the finest software developers hone their Java and Solaris development skills and turn those learnings into real value for their employers.”

Wall Street firms continue to have some of the largest internal IT organizations, often comprised of thousands of developers. These developers require the best tools available to handle the complexity and scale their organizations require. They are constantly looking for new technologies to bring applications to service more quickly. Today Sun answered that call to action with a promotional bundle of an early access version of Java Studio Enterprise 7, the newest version of Sun’s comprehensive software development environment, and the Java Studio Creator product, for $995 (U.S. list price) The offering runs on Windows, Solaris 8, 9, operating systems and on SPARC(r) and x86 platforms. The special promotion is available in limited distribution to attendees at the Tech Days conference program, and will be generally available to the public by mid December.

The Java Studio Enterprise 7 development environment includes features that simplify development collaboration and streamline performance. Application profiling, UML-based modeling, and code-aware collaboration help speed development of applications targeting the runtime version of the Sun Java Enterprise System. It accesses extensive resources from the Sun(sm) Developer Network, as well as many code samples and a complete reference application to help guide development of enterprise applications and Web services.

Java Studio Creator is a highly productive development environment designed to provide easy assembly of business applications from components using a simple drag-and-drop visual interface. It includes a complete version of Sun Java System Application Server 8, Platform Edition, the Java 2 Platform Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4.2 SDK, and development time drivers for market-leading databases, making developers productive from the start and able to take full advantage of the Enterprise Java platform.

The Sun Developer Network program subscription included with the new promotional bundle provides comprehensive developer resources including code samples, tutorials, reference applications, updates/upgrades and unlimited online technical support.

Another popular Enterprise Developer promotion continues through the end of December 2004 and features a free Sun Java Workstation W1100z along with a three-year subscription to the Solaris 9 OS, support services, and a membership in the Sun Developer Network program. Offered at a discounted price of $1,499 a year (U.S. list price) for three years, details of this offer can be found at

Sun Tech Days conferences provide professional developers, programmers, web developers, content providers, service providers and system integrators with the technology, training and tools necessary for developing competitive applications for the Internet, intranet and enterprise environments. First established in 1997, these two-day road shows quickly gained popularity and now draw capacity crowds as developers from around the world gather to learn about the most current software concepts available and discuss strategies for creating applications using Sun technologies including Java, Solaris, Java Enteprise System, Java Desktop System, and Sun’s comprehensive developer tools and network.

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