Sun Sets the Performance Bar In the Oracle High Volume Order Processing Benchmark

Solaris 10 OS and the Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Database 10g demonstrate extreme scalability using the Oracle Applications Standard Batch benchmark

December 7, 2005

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) announced today that the combination of the Oracle(R) E-Business Suite 11i9, Oracle Database 10g running on Sun Fire E4900 systems with the Solaris 10 OS and Sun StorEdge 6100 series storage arrays achieved a record throughput of 1.27 Million order lines per hour using the Oracle Applications Standard Batch benchmark. The batch benchmark includes the High Volume Order Import (HVOP) program, which is one of the batch components of the Oracle eBusiness Suite Order Management module. The HVOP benchmark focuses exclusively on meeting the high order volumes originating from the electronic channels, such as consumer and business web sites, B2B exchanges, and EDI/XML.

HVOP represents one of the core components of the order-to-cash business flow. HVOP validates the interface data and creates orders in the Oracle E-Business Suite. HVOP then books these orders and advances them to the shipping state. The benchmark performed the standard data validation and security checks. The order lines were priced using the Oracle Advanced Pricing feature and then booked. The order line flow automatically scheduled the lines from the warehouse and advanced the orders to the ship line activity. This benchmark result demonstrates the high performance and scalability of the Oracle E-Business Suite on the Sun platform. This benchmark demonstrates that HVOP can scale to the needs of customers; especially for those customers requiring high order volume throughput.

This benchmark result sets an industry pace for the newest component of the Oracle Applications Standard Benchmark (OASB) kit, the High Volume Order Processing (HVOP). These scalability tests conducted by Sun and Oracle provide customers with the opportunity to observe the performance characteristics of the Oracle eBusiness Suite on 10g and Sun’s first generation of Throughput Computing, UltraSPARC(R) IV processor-based systems under real-world conditions in order to provide sizing and capacity planning information.

Key Findings

The Oracle OASB HVOP benchmark test was performed on a Sun Fire E4900 server with 12 UltraSPARC-IV processors at 1.2GHz running the Oracle E-Business Suite 11i9 (11.5.9), Oracle Database 10g, the Solaris 10 OS, and two Sun StorEdge 6100 series storage arrays. It also demonstrates that the Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database 10g on the latest Sun Systems and Solaris platform can scale to the needs of customers. For additional information, please go to

The benchmark was generated in the Enterprise Technology Center located in Menlo Park, CA, to emulate typical server performance for high order volume throughput.

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