Sun Expands Successful HP Away Program With Opteron Systems, Offers Solaris As Dependable Alternative To Faltering HP-UX Roadmap

Sun Highlights More Than 150 Customers That Migrated to Sun as a Result of HP Ending Support for AlphaServer Tru64 Servers and Its Lack of Commitment to HP-UX

August 16, 2005

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW – News) today announced that it is expanding the successful HP Away migration program to include a migration path to Sun’s AMD Opteron processor-based workstations and servers. Sun is combining its 64-bit enterprise computing experience with the AMD Opteron processor, and providing additional value with the Solaris operating system, the Sun Java Enterprise Software, N1, Linux and the Java Desktop System, to create systems with unmatched security, scalability and availability from the desktop to the enterprise. At the heart of the HP Away migration program is the Solaris operating system, the clear alternative for HP customers frustrated with HP’s lack of commitment to its UNIX operating system.

“HP is forcing customers to migrate from one platform to another, but customers are balking because HP has limited credibility with HP-UX,” said Larry Singer, Sun’s senior vice president, strategic insights officer. “By migrating more than 150 HP customers to Sun systems running SPARC we’ve proven there is a demand to find a better alternative. Now for customers that want to run UNIX on x86 we’re offering the advantage of cheaper, better performing, higher functioning systems with our Opteron platform.”

Sun has effectively upstaged HP by offering systems that support Linux, can offer better performance, and deliver a clear path to Solaris for customers that want to run Unix. In addition, Sun is helping developers and ISVs protect their technology investments by making it easy to port from HP to Sun systems based on the AMD Opteron processor, through the Migration to Sun platforms program.

Sun’s AMD Opteron Processor Advantage

Sun offers the industry’s best performing and the most complete line of AMD Opteron processor-based servers with the two processor Sun Fire V20z server and the four processor Sun Fire V40z server. The Sun Fire V40z server demonstrated best performance among all four CPU x86 servers in 2-tier SAP Sales and Distribution Standard Application Benchmark. It performs up to 23% better than a comparably equipped HP ProLiant Xeon-based server and up to 6.5% better than HP’s 4-way Opteron-based server (*). And, Sun has worked closely with AMD to optimize the Solaris Operating System, Linux, and the Java Enterprise System-as well as Microsoft Windows-to run on the systems.

Workstation customers can also turn to Sun for AMD Opteron processor-based systems. Sun now offers leading performance with its new Sun Java Workstation W1100z and Sun Java Workstation W2100z. These systems are offered with the latest release of the Java Desktop System running either the Solaris x86 OS or Linux.

“Sun offers better value and performance on servers based on industry standard components-with the added advantage of our 64-bit heritage in operating systems and broad enterprise application support,” said John Fowler, executive vice president of Sun’s Network Systems Group. “We have the most complete line of Opteron servers, and more are on the way. We’re the only company that delivers an enterprise proven UNIX operating system on x86 with Solaris. For customers that want to run Linux we provide systems with screaming performance and broad application support. What I’d like to say to HP customers is you can rest peacefully knowing that Sun is offering a brighter future.”

Sun Highlights Customer Migrations

The HP Away program was launched last year to help offer a no-risk alternative for customers concerned by HP’s announced end-of-life of its AlphaServer Tru64 platform. Then earlier this year, the program was expanded to include all HP customers using the HP-UX operating system-a lifeline to customers frustrated with HP’s continued product delays and security issues (for more detail on security flaws, see:

Since the program was introduced, Sun has successfully migrated more than 150 customers. The following describe how two of these customers have benefited from moving to a Sun environment:

TKEC (Taiwan): Tsann Kuen Group, the leader of small home appliances and 3C retail chain store businesses in Taiwan and China, migrated its existing HP server environment to new Sun servers to build and support a highly available and scalable ERP platform. The new architecture will be re-enforced with additional resources to support the continuous growth of ERP application users. Tsann Kuen chose a Sun Fire 12K server running the Solaris OS and StorEdge 9970 to ensure a more stable and secured operating system.

Universidade Luterana do Brasil (ULBRA): ULBRA’s IT department supports the IT needs for ULBRA hospital, which needed more compute power to implement new applications for the hospital administration. The university’s overall administrative computing systems were demanding more power than their HP AlphaServer Tru64 infrastructure was providing. By migrating to two Sun Fire 4800 servers in a Sun Cluster environment, and a Sun backup solution with capacity of more than 5TB, the university now has the power and reliability it needs. The Sun solution runs the hospital’s main systems replication, as well as the primary, high school, college and Ph.D databases, payroll, and management information. By moving from the old HP platform to the new Sun environment, ULBRA’s applications run almost five times faster.

New Migration Tools

The HP Away migration program is a shared risk model in which Sun and partners work with customers to deploy an effective migration solution. Today Sun is expanding this program with new tools and offerings targeted to help customers adopt Sun’s low cost x86 solutions. Specifically, these programs are:

  • A complete set of Solaris x86 tools and resources to move to the Solaris x86 OS.
  • Special promotions for developers and enterprise customers on the new Sun Fire V20z server for up to 41% off the retail price, and a three-year subscription to the Solaris OS.
  • Solaris Enterprise Subscription x86 packages for up to 80% off competitors’ offerings.
  • Special financing for qualifying customers: no payments, no interest until 2005; 3.9% financing to ease transition to Solaris x86 and AMD Opteron-based servers. Certain terms and conditions apply. Subject to credit approval. Exact interest rate may very.

For more information on the HP Away migration program go to For more information on the Migration to Sun platforms developers program go to

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* Sun Fire V40z server (4xAMD Opteron Model 850 2.4 GHz processors, 128 KB L1 cache, 1MB L2 cache, 32 GB main memory) running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 (64-bit), Oracle 9i, SAP 4.70 (32-bit), has achieved the result of 820 SAP SD benchmark users with 1.95 seconds average dialog response time and measured throughput of 247,000 dialog steps per hour (or 82,330 fully processed line items per hour), as of August 12, 2004. The benchmark fully complies with the SAP Benchmark Council regulations and have been audited and certified by SAP AG. SAP certification number 2004044. The comparison based on results with certification numbers 2004013 and 2004024. For the latest results, see: