Support for Oracle® Database 10g on Multiple Sun Platforms – Coupled with Sun’s N1 Technology – Offers Simplicity, Affordability and Enterprise Quality for the Next Generation Data Center

SAN FRANCISCO – OracleWorld 2003
September 8, 2003

Building on a 21-year history of value, choice and innovation, Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced today it will offer Oracle Database 10g customers multiple UNIX® -based platforms – including its market-leading systems based on the Solaris Operating System (OS) and UltraSPARC® processor; Linux-based systems; and, for the first time, Solaris x86-based systems – to help businesses reduce cost and lay the foundation for the data center of the future. Sun also announced continuation of joint development of N1 technology integration with Oracle, attacking cost and complexity at both the infrastructure and application levels to help customers derive maximum value from their computing environments.

For Oracle, enterprise grid computing is all about computing as a utility – it’s all about virtualization and provisioning,” said Benny Souder, vice president Distributed Database Development at Oracle. “N1’s notion of providing dynamic, scalable computing is exactly in line with what we want to do. N1 is very strategic to Sun and is definitely the direction Oracle is going. With the joint integration work we’re planning, this is how we’ll add value for our customers.”

Today’s announcement follows a watershed moment for the Sun-Oracle alliance set May 19 in San Francisco when Scott McNealy, Sun’s Chairman, President, and CEO, and Larry Ellison, Oracle’s Chairman and CEO, reaffirmed their commitment to attack cost and complexity and extend choice, value and enterprise-level features in the low-cost computing space. Sun’s support for Oracle Database 10g on multiple platforms, coupled with its N1 vision and utility computing model, offers customers a new method for matching IT resources to business needs, simplifying the deployment and management of complex computing resources and addressing the many problems that have hampered organizations in delivering true just-in-time computing.

“For Sun, the key message here is all about delivering a high performance infrastructure with choice, enterprise quality and low-cost components, to create a highly secure and affordable computing infrastructure for the next-generation data center,” said Stuart Wells, senior vice president, market development, Sun Microsystems. “The beauty of the N1 handshake is, customers can combine the unique Grid features of 10g, and with simplified management, harness the power of clustered, industry-standard servers across the entire data center, to deliver power and value from the network infrastructure like never before.”

Oracle Database 10g will run on the #1 selling UNIX-based Solaris-SPARC systems, as well as Solaris x86 systems and Linux systems – bringing choice, enterprise reliability and scalability to every point in the data center. Furthermore, Sun also offers the N1 Provisioning Server 3.0 Blades Edition, which is the industry’s first blade virtualization solution. As a component of the management environment for the Sun Fire[tm] Blade Platform, it enables users to rapidly design, configure, provision, and scale, blade-based server farms automatically.

Linking Technology Reliability to Profitability

A shared priority for both companies is to help customers find a direct link between technology solutions and profitability through maximum system uptime. To help customers stay focused on their business – and not their data center – Sun systematically addresses interoperability and performance variations with the “Solaris Train” quality assurance test conducted every quarter running Oracle database solutions on 32- and 64-bit, RAC and single node systems. The Solaris quality assurance process is top priority to ensure continued reliability, security and scalability of the Solaris OS. This, and other quality assurance benefits are available to customers through Sun and Oracle’s 21-year unbreakable commitment to help ensure rapid deployment, less complexity, improved price/performance, and 24×7 joint service and support for customers.

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