Sun Microsystems Unlocks Real-Time Potential for the Java Platform

Sun Java Real-Time System Enables Superior Integration and Portability

JavaOne(SM) Developer Conference
June 28, 2005

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), founder and lead advocate for Java technology, today released the Sun Java Real-Time System (Java RTS) software, providing developers of real-time software for embedded systems with a scalable and secure way to help ensure system responses during high-priority tasks.

Demonstrated at the 10th annual JavaOne Developer Conference, Java RTS software extends the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) by providing additional capabilities to aid developers in creating high-value, real-time software solutions that interact with the real world. This product, created from the successful Project Mackinac prototype developed in Sun Labs, retains full compatibility with existing Java SE software applications, while enabling new real-time components to be added to these applications for superior integration and portability in the growing real-time space. Java RTS software is based on the first Java Community Process [JCP] specification, JSR-01, which brings real-time capabilities to the Java platform.

“Sun’s work makes the Java programming language a valid choice for real-time systems,” said Jeff Jackson, vice president, Java Applications and Developer Programs, Sun Microsystems. “Real-time developers can now realize the labor- and time-saving benefits of working on the Java programming language, while having the option of shaping the direction of the technology by participating in the ever-growing Java community of 4.5 million innovators.”

“We have been extremely impressed by the real-time performance we have achieved with our OpenFusion RT for Java middleware platform using Java RTS software. The robustness and ease of use of the system, coupled with excellent support from Sun Microsystems, have been key to helping us achieve distributed real-time performance that exceeds the metrics set by our most demanding customers,” said Steve Jennis, senior vice president, Corporate Development, PrismTech.

Java RTS software broadens the reach of the Java SE platform by creating a robust and conformant implementation of the specification. To date, the Java SE platform has been downloaded more than 50 million times, into embedded systems across the spectrum of consumer electronics, military, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive manufacture and industrial automation – a software market estimated to be worth $2.7 billion by 2007, up from $1.5 billion today, according to analyst firm Venture Development Corp.

For mission-critical environments, Java RTS software brings extremely predictable, fast, and reliable program response capabilities to real-world situations, regardless of the number of other applications running. Java RTS software ensures that the most important tasks are always able to run and completely avoids priority inversion problems common to real-time systems.

“Our users have come to know and trust the real-time properties of our communications software. But even our products cannot overcome the lack of real-time behavior in foundational components like a Virtual Machine for the Java platform. This is why we were pleased when Sun’s Java RTS software technology passed our most stringent tests to uncover priority inversions, with complete priority-respecting behavior,” said Bill Beckwith, chief executive officer, Objective Interface Systems, Inc.

Java RTS software is available to developers now through Sun’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sales team on a per-seat basis.

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