Sun Microsystems’ Donation of StarOffice Suite To Be Distributed Through Gifts In Kind International

Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide to Benefit

June 6, 2005

Sun Microsystems and Gifts In Kind International, the world’s leading charity in the field of product philanthropy, announced today a new global donation program, to provide StarOffice suite to eligible nonprofit and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the US and countries around the world. StarOffice is the world’s leading office productivity software suite on the Solaris Operating System (OS) and Linux, and the leading alternative office suite on Windows.

Through its network of 450 Gifts In Kind programs, Gifts In Kind International will distribute donated StarOffice software to qualified NGOs and nonprofits in developing and other countries in which significant need exists for technology. Through this program Sun Microsystems will assist nonprofits/NGOs with programs in the areas of education (K-12), job training, opportunities for youth, maternal and child health, adult literacy/mentoring, and other critical social community services.

StarOffice software is affordable, easy to use, and based on open standards. It offers word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database capabilities. Its familiar interface enables quick productivity and results for the business user, and elegant output for the consumer. Its familiar interface will enable nonprofit and NGO recipients to improve their efficiency and productivity, allowing more of their charitable resources to be devoted to delivering critical community services.

“The StarOffice software donation is a part of Sun’s overall philanthropy program and Sun is dedicated to the success and advancement of education and technology around the world,” said Kim Jones, vice president of Global Education and Research for Sun Microsystems. “As we bring new products and technologies to market, Sun will continue to share its latest innovations with the education community.”

The StarOffice Suite will be teamed with The World Bank Group’s global computer donation program to benefit NGOs in countries including Zambia, Kyrgyzstan, Sri Lanka.. The software will impact individuals as well as organizations contributing to a brighter future for all of those it reaches.

“This donation and partnering is a wonderful example of a socially and environmentally responsible company helping to reduce the impact of poverty in our global communities,” said Barry Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gifts In Kind International. “Hundreds of nonprofits and NGOs will benefit from the Sun Microsystems donation enabling them to provide more efficient services and programs to those who are most in need.”

The eligibility requirement for nonprofits is a current 501(c)(3) status or the equivalent status in the country in which the recipient organization is located.

“Our mission is to provide for physical and economic needs of people living at the lowest economic level through personal and empowering partnerships and projects,” said Michael Rutter, Director of Operations, Bright Hope International in Zambia. The StarOffice suite will be used to enhance and expand local education/job training programs and offers new ways to improve local community services.

“Equipping computers with StarOffice software will help support primary and secondary schools in the remote part of Kyrgyzstan in which we actively support communities through a portfolio of development activities,” reports James Lanning, Director of Acquisitions, Adventist Development and Relief Agency International.

“Our program in Sri Lanka, which includes schools and village learning centers serving approximately 18,000 students and 1,000 adults will benefit from the donation of the computers and StarOffice 7 software,” reported Davavanda Weerakkody, Treasurer, LANKA Academic Network. LANKA’s program provides educational opportunities, which increases access to software, computers and the Internet for students in rural and undeveloped urban areas.

About The World Bank Group

The World Bank Group’s mission is to fight poverty and improve the living standards of people in the developing world. It is a development Bank that provides loans, policy advice, technical assistance and knowledge sharing services to low and middle income countries to reduce poverty. The Bank promotes growth to create jobs and to empower poor people to take advantage of these opportunities. In 2003 the World Bank provided $18.5 billion and worked in more than 100 developing countries, bringing finance and/or technical expertise toward helping them reduce poverty.

About Gifts In Kind International

Gifts In Kind International is the world’s leading charity in product philanthropy and the 3rd largest charity in the United States. Its network of 450-plus affiliates provides nonprofits access to millions of dollars annually in product and service donations, including nearly $820 million in 2004. Gifts In Kind International operates at less than 1 percent of the fair market value of products donated, making it one of the most cost-efficient charities in the world.

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