Sun Microsystems Announces Momentum for Sun Grid and Expands Grid Computing Lineup: Building a Grid has Never Been Easier for Customers

“Instant On” Grid Provides Customers Greater Flexibility and Choice; Successful Proof of Concepts Already Deployed by Customers In Multiple Industries

May 3, 2005

During its Network Computing ’05 (NC05Q2) launch today, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) announced momentum for its recently introduced Sun(TM) Grid utility computing offerings and new additions to its grid computing family of products. Sun now provides customers with more options than ever before, to address their grid computing needs.

For customers who want immediate benefits from a standardized, open, grid-based computing infrastructure on a utility basis, Sun announced Sun Grid Storage Utility, as well as a sneak peek of its Sun Grid Compute Utility. For customers who want in-house grid computing environments, Sun announced the Sun Grid Rack System and the Sun Grid Solution, new offerings which include pre-integrated racks with flexible configurations for fast and easy deployment, and tailored services for architecting, implementing and managing customer grids.

“Sun Grid is being met with tremendous enthusiasm. Customers are benchmarking their data center spending and are realizing they can partner with Sun to re-allocate capital costs to take advantage of our true utility model,” said Jonathan Schwartz, president and COO at Sun. “Our sites are live; and we have proof-of-concepts with financial services, oil and gas, life sciences and entertainment companies around the world. Our grid computing offerings allow them to take advantage of standardized infrastructure to drive economies of scale, resulting in better service levels, higher grades of security and better system manageability, all at a dramatically lower cost.”

Sun Grid Momentum

Sun Grid lets customers more simply, predictably and reliably deliver the power of multiple resources to a single user for a specific purpose�at the transparent price of $1(USD). Sun Grid offerings include the Sun Grid Compute Utility, a $1 (USD) per CPU per hour pay-per-use offering ($1/cpu-hr), and the Sun Grid Storage Utility, a $1 (USD) per gigabyte per month offering ($1/GB-mo). In the coming months, Sun will also roll out additional Sun Grid offerings for the desktop and developer communities. Sun today announced:

  • Regional Sun Grid Centers are now live and fully operational in Virginia, New Jersey, and London, with customers from the financial and education sectors. Sun plans to open more Sun Grid Centers worldwide in the future.
  • Customer acceptance: High profile banks and entertainment companies have completed extensive testing for Sun Grid. Sun will announce more details of these customer wins in the near future.
  • Further details on its Sun Grid Storage Utility, a high-performance storage offering to support customers’ compute grid jobs, or to be used to support their data storage needs at a price of $1/GB-mo. Customers get secure Internet data replication and recovery; 24×7 access to offsite storage; and unlimited scalability. The Sun Grid Storage Utility includes fully integrated hardware, software and services, provided by Sun. The utility is managed and serviced by Sun experts 24×7 and Sun also offers continuous service improvements. Scheduled availability of Sun Grid Storage Utility is Summer 2005.
  • Customers and partners can now sign up for the Sun Grid Compute Utility “sneak peek program,” an early access program for pre-qualified Sun customers to test their applications for compatibility and performance on the Sun Grid. Additionally, their feedback will be incorporated into the commercially available offering to be released this Summer.

Sun Grid Rack System and Sun Grid Solution

In addition, Sun is expanding its offerings to provide solutions to a wide spectrum of grid computing needs.

  • The new Sun Grid Rack System makes it easier for customers to deploy powerful grids. It uses building blocks like Sun Fire(TM) servers with x64 processors and Sun software, in pre-integrated racks with flexible configurations, for rapid and low-risk deployment. The Sun Grid Rack System, starting at approximately $77,000 (USD), is delivered through Sun’s Customer Ready System (CRS) program.
  • Sun also offers the new Sun Grid Solution, a range of tailored services to help architect, implement and manage a grid solution using Sun technology and expertise. By enabling the rapid deployment of tested grid architectures, the Sun Grid Solution enables customers to engage with Sun Services to address critical business problems, including: system utilization, time-to-results and return-on-assets.

To date, an increasing number of government agencies and enterprise customers, such as: the Bank of Montreal, Idaho National Laboratories (INL) and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) among others, have embraced grid computing solutions from Sun.

INL has deployed a grid environment including racks of Sun servers based on AMD-Opteron(TM) processors. INL’s High Performance Computing Architect, Eric Greenwade, reported that work was being accomplished within 28 hours of delivery. “The Sun Grid Rack System looks like a winning proposition. When we used Sun’s CRS program for deploying our grid environment, the racks practically came off the truck running — we were able to have the entire eight-rack cluster up and submitting jobs within two days,” explains Greenwade. “All we had to do was hook it up to power and to our network, load the systems, and we were ready to go.”

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