Sun Builds Momentum in Telecom as 34 Partners Announce Plans to Support Solaris 10

Lenovo, Ulticom, Veraz Networks, VoiceGenie Lead List of Global Partners Building Next Gen Telecommunications Systems

March 14, 2005

Underscoring its leadership in the telecommunications industry, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) today announced that 34 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have agreed to port a range of telecom applications to the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS). Solaris 10 will enable the 34 partners, including Lenovo, Ulticom, Veraz Networks, VoiceGenie and leading companies from around the globe, to deliver software and systems that enable carriers to improve network operations environments, reduce costs and quickly implement new secure IP-based services.

“With in-kernel support for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and unique features such as Solaris Containers and Predictive Self-Healing, Solaris 10 is the ideal platform for telecoms applications,” said Tom Goguen, Vice President, Operating Platforms Group, Sun Microsystems, Inc. “Today we welcome 34 partners who are building next generation systems.”

Sun has a strong and successful history in the telecommunications industry and with Solaris 10, carriers, service providers and network equipment providers can benefit from dramatic improvements in performance and security, and increased service levels. Additionally, Solaris 10 supports current IPv6 specifications and APIs, paving the way for the development of next generation IP-based services. Partners and customers will also benefit from increased platform choice as Solaris 10 supports a broad range of SPARC(R) and x86/x64 processor-based systems. Sun platforms and Solaris 10 offer great performance for the many types of workloads important to the Telco industry. In a recent SPECjAppServer(TM) 2002 benchmark, Sun and BEA achieved new world record performance of 4220.39 TOPS@DualNode on the powerful 24-way Sun Fire(TM) E6900 servers with UltraSPARC(R) IV 1.2GHz processors. The SPECjAppserver benchmark is designed to test Java(TM) 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE(TM)) that is often used as a standard platform for development of portable, scalable, multi-tier enterprise applications. Additional Solaris 10 benchmarks can be viewed at

At CTIA Wireless 2005, Sun announced agreements with 34 telecom partners to support Solaris 10, including Adax, Appium, AsiaInfo, BOCO, Cntomorrow, DigitalChina, Flextronics Software Systems (FSS), Hurray, Infozech, JnetX, Lenovo, Longshine, Metarnet, Mpathix, Neusoft, Object Computing, Inc., Open Cloud, Poson, Pronto Networks, Runway, Shanghai Ideal, Sleepycat Software, Sures, Syndesis, TransNexus, Ubiquity, Ulticom, Veraz Networks, VoiceGenie, Wayout, Xbell, ZCXC, Zhongyin-Unihub and Zznode. These partners provide solutions that include VoIP, multimedia VPN, Web-based collaboration, business operation support systems (BOSS), customer relationship management (CRM), voice recognition, and more. Since the launch of Solaris 10 in November 2004, more than 500 partners have joined Sun’s “10 Moves Ahead” partner initiative and are porting more than 800 applications to Solaris 10. Information on Sun’s partner program is available at


“Sun and Adax share a vision for the telecom market that encompasses convergence and the creation and delivery of new IP-based services. Combined, Sun’s new Solaris 10 OS and Adax’s superior SS7/IP signaling solutions create a scalable platform for building revenue-generating services,” said Barry Zuckerman, CEO, Adax, Inc.


“By deploying our Rating Engine product, i-Rater on Solaris 10, we will help customers manage their applications independently, control resource utilization based on their business needs, isolate faults and ensure security between multiple applications,” said Ankur Lal, CEO, Infozech. “That’s our promise to the market, and Solaris 10 helps us deliver.”


“Ulticom is pleased to offer carrier-grade SS7, SIGTRAN and SIP signaling with our Signalware platform on Solaris 10. Ulticom has had a long history of providing carrier-grade signaling on the telco industry-leading Solaris operating system. Solaris 10 raises the bar in terms of performance and reliability,” said Osman Duman, Vice President of Marketing, Ulticom.

Veraz Networks

“Veraz and Sun have long held a shared philosophy of open standards that is highlighted by Solaris 10’s new integrated support for SCTP and SIP open standard Telco IP protocols. Sun dominates the market for carrier-grade telecommunications infrastructure equipment due to its outstanding reputation for reliability,” said R. Paul Singh, Vice President of Business Development, Veraz Networks.

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