NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) First Free Tool Offering Complete Java Platform Support Reports Over 4.5 Million Downloads and New Plug-ins forWebLogic, WebSphere and Jboss

May 16, 2005

Sun Microsystems, Inc., inventor and leading advocate of Java technology, and the NetBeans software open source community today announced the availability of the NetBeans 4.1 Integrated Development Environment, the industry’s first free, Open Source Java IDE to fully support, out-of-the-box, Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0, full Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE 1.4 and Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) 2.0 application development support. Additionally, also announced new open source projects focused on application server plug-ins for WebLogic, Webshpere and JBoss offerings. These plugins will enable NetBeans IDE 4.1 users to develop, test and deploy standard Java Web Services to the broadest array of target platforms.

“No other Java development tool on the market today combines the ease of use of NetBeans 4.1 with this level of comprehensive support for J2EE application development,” said Jeff Jackson, Vice President of Java Development and platform engineering for Sun Microsystems. “The search, download, test and assemble cycle that is required by other open source development offerings cannot even approximate what NetBeans provides out-of-the-box for free.”

The NetBeans IDE enhances developer workflow with its more intuitive interface, integrated Ant-based project management build environment and productivity tools that support agile development processes. NetBeans’ acclaimed advanced code editor, with built-in refactoring, helps developers code more accurately and more quickly. Mobile development support is augmented in this version with visual drag-and-drop MIDP authoring and a Wireless Connection Wizard for building end-to-end mobile applications.

“eBay Web Services makes a variety of tools and resources available to its Developers Program members to encourage the creation of new, innovative applications,” said Greg Isaacs, director of the eBay Developers Program. “The rich set of features and proven performance of the NetBeans IDE are two reasons the eBay SDK has been enabled to support this development environment.”

NetBeans 4.1 IDE supports the broadest array of Java technology-based solutions, from Java Web Services, to mobile Java applications, to applications deployments on the industry’s most advanced desktop environments. With the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 deployment runtime integrated at no additional cost., NetBeans offers the industry’s most cost effective IDE for building web services.

Advanced features in NetBeans guide the developer and automatically build the underlying J2EE application infrastructure, making it easier than ever to develop J2EE platform 1.4 applications. To further assist the developer, the Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog and an updated performance profiler are also available. The profiler enables memory profiling, leak detection, CPU performance profiling, low-overhead profiling, task-based profiling and tight integration into the IDE workflow.

The NetBeans platform is a 100 percent Java technology-based IDE and runs on any operating system with a Java 2 technology-compatible Java Virtual Machine. This includes the Solaris Operating System, Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms. NetBeans is also the foundation for Sun’s Java development tools offerings, including the award winning Sun Java Studio Enterprise and Sun Java Studio Creator.

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