JPMorgan Banks on Sun and Solaris 10 for Range of IT Projects; Plans to Boost System Performance

Sun’s Leadership on Wall Street Paying Big Dividends

March 31, 2005

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) today announced that New York-based JPMorgan, a leader in financial services, has chosen to work with Sun on a range of advanced IT projects, including grid computing, data archiving and virtualized data center solutions. Sun and JPMorgan will jointly develop several of these projects.

JPMorgan’s Investment Bank Technology team has chosen to develop applications using Solaris 10 Operating System (OS), Sun’s flagship operating system. Solaris 10 OS is the industry’s most robust operating system, delivering carrier-grade reliability and scalability, and military-grade security.

“JPMorgan is pleased to be working closely with Sun in implementing their newest technologies, including Solaris 10 OS,” said Adrian Kunzle, vice president and global co-head of Investment Bank Technology Architecture.

“The financial services industry is one of the most demanding on earth. Performance, reliability and security are not only business imperatives, but competitive differentiators,” said Jonathan Schwartz, president and COO, Sun Microsystems. “Working hand-in-hand with JPMorgan is absolutely critical to our success in the marketplace, and this alliance is the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. One need only look at the one million Solaris 10 OS licenses issued in a two-month period and the thousands of ISVs committing support, to see that our customers are winning by leveraging Sun’s products.”

The applications, which are now in testing and development, will utilize the multi-platform power of Solaris 10 OS on both SPARC(r) and x64 systems. Full ISV portfolio support to port applications to Solaris OS on x86 systems will also be available.

Select Projects Being Co-Developed by Sun and JPMorgan

Sun and JPMorgan are now involved in co-development activities that include work on data archiving and virtualized data center solutions. Sun will also join JPMorgan’s existing grid computing initiative. JPMorgan will be leveraging Sun’s Client Solutions group and other Sun groups for this expertise.

Sun’s Pilot Strategy Bears Fruit

In New York, London and Hong Kong the financial services firm has been conducting pilots with Sun over the last year, testing a variety of Sun products, including Solaris 10 OS and Sun’s new servers. The pilots include utility computing, provisioning and a trading data archive for use by JPMorgan and their clients.

JP Morgan has long used IT as its competitive weapon to gain market advantage. It has also been a Sun customer for over 20 years, and was an early adopter of Sun technology on Wall Street.

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