Fujitsu® Announces the Availability of Interstage® Contentbiz™ Version 7

Latest Release of Interstage Contentbiz Extends Support for Web Services and SOA, Provides Audit Trail for Compliance, and Improves Efficiencies of Enterprise Content Integration

Sunnyvale, CA
May 4, 2005

Fujitsu Software Corporation today announced the availability of Interstage Contentbiz v7, the newest version of Fujitsu’s scalable application platform for enterprise content integration. Interstage Contentbiz v7 extends support for Web services and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), offers a new extensible audit trail and enhances integration capabilities. Together, these features allow companies to more effectively access, modify and search structured and unstructured enterprise content resident in disparate, networked systems, independent of format or location. By providing more effective management of corporate intellectual capital assets, Interstage Contentbiz v7 enables businesses to optimize employee productivity, improve customer service and partner relations, comply with government mandates and maximize enterprise value. Key features and enhancements include:

  • Bidirectional WebDAV Agent enables integration with any enterprise content management (ECM) system that complies with the Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) standard.
  • New Extensible Audit Trail ensures that proper audit trail information is maintained for all compliance documentation.
  • Enhanced Web Services Interface enables enterprises to leverage a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to create Web services and integrate reusable content integration services with applications.
  • New Web Content Agent extends the reach of content integration solutions to intranet and Internet content.
  • New Content Portlets, which comply with JSR 168 (Java Specification Request for Portlet API), provide commonly used content navigation and search functionality that can be easily deployed on enterprise portals.

Interstage Contentbiz v7 builds on the application platform’s proven performance in enabling enterprises to leverage their entire knowledge asset base – pooling knowledge through content integration and delivering transparent access to information in real-time. It provides simple, extensible content integration services that adhere to open standards. With Interstage Contentbiz, companies can access structured and unstructured enterprise content from different systems and sources, facilitating unified content views, maintaining content integrity across the company and enabling better content repurposing and reuse.

“Faced by competitive pressures to better optimize customer and supply chain relationships, as well as growing demands for government compliance, companies need to turn their isolated silos of knowledge into unified views and processes,” said Robert Sepanloo, senior vice president of Interstage at Fujitsu Software Corporation. “With Interstage Contentbiz v7, we continue our commitment to helping companies achieve their strategic and financial objectives by providing best-in-class technology for harnessing corporate knowledge and intellectual capital – regardless of location or format.”

Interstage Contentbiz v7 Features and Enhancements

Interstage Contentbiz is a scalable, extensible platform for viewing, searching and modifying content from a range of sources, including data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other enterprise applications, relational databases and a variety of enterprise content management systems. It also repurposes content for many different audiences without the difficulty and cost of duplication. The Java-based, modular architecture leverages open standards, such as WebDAV and Web services, and includes a proven metadata repository, SDK and a set of services and content agents. With v7, Interstage Contentbiz offers significant new features and enhancements to facilitate enterprise content integration, including a WebDAV agent, extensible audit trail, Web services interface, Web content agent and new content portlets.

WebDAV Agent

Interstage Contentbiz v7 offers a new WebDAV integration agent to extend support for the WebDAV standard for editing files and folders remotely over the Internet. The WebDAV Agent makes it possible to search multiple WebDAV-compliant enterprise content management repositories simultaneously and modify content and metadata from each ECM system based on content access policies.. By providing a standards-based approach to integrating content from multiple repositories, the WebDAV agent eliminates the time to develop and maintain custom integrations.

Extensible Audit Trail

A comprehensive content audit trail is a key requirement for any compliance application. The new extensible Interstage Contentbiz audit trail contains a variety of content events, such as content creation, update and delete, and all content life cycle transitions, such as content approval, publishing and archiving with the timestamp information and the name of the user responsible for each state or transition. It also keeps track of system security-related events, such as when users were added or removed, the roles and access that users are assigned, and when each user logs into the system. All audit trail information can be viewed and queried in the Web-based content browser or any custom client application, based on time, audit events or content types.

Web Services Interface

The Interstage Contentbiz Web Services Interface enables enterprises to leverage a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to integrate reusable content integration services, such as full-text search, with applications that need access to both structured and unstructured content sources. The Web Services interface enables Web service client applications to access the Interstage Contentbiz virtual repository to retrieve a content item or a list of content items from multiple sources as if they were all stored in one repository and request for metadata information. With v7, the Web Services Interface adds a new, extensible Web Services Management component for creating and publishing Web services for any new Interstage Contentbiz service that customers may build for their content integration applications.

Web Content Agent

Many large enterprises have numerous dedicated intranet sites for its business units or departments with constantly growing content volumes, but no means to search across all of these independent sites. Interstage Contentbiz v7 introduces a new Web Content Agent, which goes beyond the dedicated search and query tools of other systems, to extend the reach of content integration to intranet and Internet information. The Web Content Agent enables organizations to register all required site URLs in the content integration solution. It then crawls the registered sites and their sub-structures on predefined intervals, making the site content fully searchable in Interstage Contentbiz full-text searches.

Content Portlets

Enterprise portals typically require portlets to handle each of the many content sources on which they rely, from databases and business applications to document repositories. Interstage Contentbiz provides a common content integration layer to help ease the cost and difficulty of integrating various content sources with portals. This allows portal users to navigate to all content sources via a unified navigation tree, which can be exposed as a single portlet. Interstage Contentbiz v7 now features a set of portlets that comply with the Java Specification Request (JSR) 168 Portlet API and provide commonly used content navigation and search functionality.

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