ACARD Launched a 4-Channel Serial ATA RAID Kit

June 9, 2005

ACARD, the SCSI/IDE, RAID and storage solutions provider, will launch AEC-6898 and ARS-4800 on July 2005. This is an internal SATA RAID kit to meet the storage demand in small and mid-businesses. The SATA RAID kit has high stability, complete function of temperature, fan and hard drive monitoring. It is easy to install and maintain. For corporations this is a low-cost and high-performance solution.

The technology of SATA storage is becoming more and more mature, and has been highly appraised by the corporate MIS executives over the past year. Compared with IDE hard drive, SATA hard drive can perfectly support hot swap. Its stability and performance have been obviously increased. Besides, because its cost is lower than that of SCSI storage, its percentage of use in corporations has been increasing exponentially.

Among the SATA RAID kit, AEC-6898 is a RAID card with the function of RAID 5. It has 4 SATA channels for hard drives of 1.5Gbps, a 64-bit PCI bus, and lets a server perform highly in transfer. Its low profile and horizontal SATA channels are perfect to be installed in a 1U/2U server. In addition, the Windows-based utility is easy to operate. The whole disk array can be configured in 10 minutes.

Among the SATA RAID kit, ACS-4800 is an internal SATA tray with lighter material of aluminum. It is unique in appearance, and has anti-shock rail design to reduce the damage caused by removing hard drives. Moreover, its design of stabilizing voltage provides enough power to a hard drive during hot swap. As for the heat sinking, it is achieved by an 8cm fan. That ensures the heat dissipation and stability of a high-speed hard drive with low noise level.

Even a person with a little experience of computer can easily install the SATA RAID kit in minutes. When an array is abnormal, the system will notify you by e-mail. The auto alarm and LEDs on the panel of ACS-4800 that indicate the status of hard drive, fan and temperature are easy to understand. It takes the least time to maintain without interrupting the operation of server.

About ACARD Technology Corp.

ACARD is a dedicated storage IC designer and SCSI/IDE as well as RAID card manufacturer in Taiwan. ACARD’s products are marketed to PC, Macintosh, Unix, and Linux workstation and server users around the world. As ACARD has been engaging in SCSI hardware development and design for years, it knows what the market demands and how to cater to customers’ needs. Since 1999 ACARD has been developing key technologies to grasp the fast growing network storage market, and to focus on managing, protecting critical data on hard drives. ACARD’s products are available through its distributors worldwide.

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