SUN’S NETRA™ 20 Server Delivers Enhanced Systems Performance And Scalability With 900 MHZ UltraSPARC® III Technology

Faster Processor Provides 72 Percent Performance Boost for Government, Telecommunications and Scalability with 900 MHZ UltraSPARC® III Technology

ATLANTA, Georgia, SUPERCOMM (Booth # 22826)
June 4, 2002

Taking reliability, performance and total cost of ownership (TCO) to the next level in the Netra server product line, Sun Microsystems, Inc. (SUNW) now offers customers the Netra™ 20 server featuring UltraSPARC® III 900 MHz processors. The Netra 20 900 MHz server is Sun’s fourth generation telecommunication-specific server and it offers government and telecommunications customers a comprehensive platform for deploying their mission-critical applications. Configured with the faster UltraSPARC III processors, the Netra 20 system lowers TCO delivering a performance boost of 72 percent. The Netra 20’s SPECfp2000 performance is 36 percent faster than Hewlett Packard’s RP 5470 system.

The Netra 20 900 MHz server is rack optimized and ruggedized for customers who need to deploy highly reliable and high-performance servers. Unique to Sun and a key differentiator in the ruggedized server market, the Netra 20 system offers customers industry-leading, enterprise-class availability features, quick-deployment capabilities and the stable and reliable Solaris™ 9 Operating Environment. Their compact size, removable system configuration cards and Lights Out Management (LOM) software helps meet the needs of customers facing significant infrastructure issues, such as space limitations, horizontal scalability, remote manageability and ease of deployment.

The Netra 20 900 MHz server provides carrier-class capabilities in a 4U, rack-optimized package. Sun’s Netra lineof servers are NEBS Level 3 certified and ruggedized to meet the strict requirements for deployment into a central office or other carrier environment. The Netra 20 server is an ideal platform to build solutions for softswitch deployment, IP infrastructure, signalling gateways and technology-based wireless applications.

“Customers are continually choosing Sun for mission-critical environments and the Netra 20 with 900 MHz continues Sun’s tradition of high availability with added savings and performance benefits,” said Souheil Saliba, senior director of entry level server business at Sun Microsystems. “For military and telecommunications customers, the Netra 20 is the best system for rack-intensive deployments in less than ideal environments.”

Sun Provides Telecommunications-Specific Support

Sun’s business practices organization, the Telecom OEM Office, has been addressing the unique needs of telecommunications and OEM customers for more than five years. The organization has a technical understanding of customers’ provisioning and deployment dependencies and uses a seamless process to minimize disruptions by providing early notification of product changes and customized configurations for specific telecommunications customers.

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