Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc. PRIMEPOWER Server Receives Top SAP SD Two-Tier Standard Application Benchmark

Santa Clara, Calif.
April 2, 2002

Fujitsu Technology Solutions Inc., announced today that the PRIMEPOWER™ server has consolidated the top performing position in the SAP Sales & Distribution (SAP SD) two-tier Standard Application Benchmark using a Solaris® SPARC® based PRIMEPOWER™ 2000 server and Oracle9i™Database. The 64-processor-based server achieved a score of 4,200 SAP SD benchmark users.

This new benchmark result was achieved using a combination of the latest Fujitsu® 675MHz SPARC64® GP processors, the PRIMEPOWER server’s ability to scale beyond competitive open system servers, the powerful and reliable Solaris operating environment, and Oracle9i software, the world’s leading database. Already on January 18, 2002, the same combination, but with 128 processors, achieved a score of 7,800 SAP SD benchmark users*. Both figures prove that business performance increases by 86 per cent at the final CPU doubling in the PRIMEPOWER server. With this result the excellent scalability up to the full configuration of this High-end servers is demonstrated impressively.

The current SAP benchmark results tables can be found on the following public Web site:

*Fujitsu Siemens Computers: SAP SD 2-tier Benchmark, certified by SAP on January 24, 2002, Nr. 2002005: 7,800 SD benchmark users, 1.98 seconds average dialog response time, 781,670 order line items/hour, 128-way PRIMEPOWER 2000 central server with SPARC64 675 MHz and 128 GB memory, SAP R/3 release 4.6C, Oracle 9i database, Solaris 8 platform.

The SAP SD Standard 4.6 C Application Benchmark performed on February 14, 2002, by Fujitsu and Fujitsu Siemens Computers in Numazu, Japan, was certified on February 18, 2002, with the following data:

Number of benchmark users & comp
4,200 SAP SD (Sales & Distribution)
Average dialog response time:
1.97 seconds

Fully Processed Order Line items / hour


Dialog steps / hour



Average DB request time (dia/upd): 0.055 sec / 0.057 sec
CPU utilization central server: 99 per cent
Operating System central server: Solaris 8
RDBMS: Oracle 9i
SAP R/3 Release: 4.6C
Total disk space:
4.5 TB


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