Fujitsu Technology Solutions PRIMEPOWER Servers Extend Existing Lead in Performance and Value

Leaves UNIX Competitors IBM, HP, and Compaq Even Further Behind with a 20-Percent Processor-Speed Upgrade and Other Business-Supporting Enhancements

Santa Clara, Calif.
October 9, 2001

Following a recent, dramatic TPC performance benchmark in which PRIMEPOWERTM servers doubled the performance of the closest competitor, Fujitsu Technology Solutions today announced that it has given its PRIMEPOWER servers an additional 20-percent performance boost. Fujitsu® SPARC® compliant, SolarisTM compatible PRIMEPOWER servers have been upgraded to 675 MHz for high-end systems and 600 MHz for mid-range systems and are immediately available. The company is also adding a wide range of new capabilities and enhancements that extend its technology leadership as the best commercial UNIX® server choice for the enterprise and the Internet. All PRIMEPOWER servers support Solaris 2.6, 7, and 8, giving customers flexibility in migration and protecting their application investment.

“With PRIMEPOWER, our customers can depend on a system that speeds productivity and profitability,” commented Richard McCormack, vice president of Marketing at Fujitsu Technology Solutions. “PRIMEPOWER has been proven over and over again achieving top place in worldwide benchmarks. It’s the choice that will help our customers take advantage of new business opportunities and stay out front.”

The PRIMEPOWER 800, 1000, and 2000 servers are now available worldwide with 675-MHz SPARC64-GP` processors, and the 200, 400, and 600 servers are available with 600-MHz SPARC64-GP processors. New capabilities and system enhancements include easier, smarter clustering choices, with the new PRIMECLUSTER solution for high application availability and scalability for business-critical computing and the PRIMEPOWER Open Cluster solution for a mixed Solaris environment; active resource management; remote monitoring, Web-based system administration, and higher security.

Marketplace Momentum

Since their introduction in the North American marketplace on November 14, 2000, by Fujitsu Technology Solutions, PRIMEPOWER servers are realizing steadily increasing momentum, even in the current market conditions. Some key customer wins include Daimler-Chrysler, Southwest Airlines, EMC, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.

In a September 17 Meta Fax, Meta Group stated: “[Fujitsu Limited] is a major international vendor, and large, sophisticated-shops should consider high-end Fujitsu systems, which offer better price/performance and high availability.”

In a July 16 Technology Trend, D.H. Brown Associates said, “Over 12,000 applications available for Solaris run without modification on the FTS servers. The system [PRIMEPOWER]-has exhibited strong performance in several benchmarks-. With such impressive credentials, the PRIMEPOWER 2000 has the potential to become a strong contender in the high-end UNIX market.”

PRIMEPOWER Enhancements In addition to performance improvements, new PRIMEPOWER capabilities and enhancements include the following:

® Clustering

PRIMECLUSTERTM software, a proven, easy to configure clustering solution, derived from Fujitsu’s two decades of cluster experience, links servers together for even higher availability and scalability. PRIMECLUSTER software is a modular product that offers multiple clustering technologies. Scalability services, parallel application services, and high-availability services can all coexist in a common cluster. This means that scalable Internet services can be used to interface to high-availability applications, which in turn can request information from a large parallel database server all in the same cluster. This improves application services availability and simplifies administration. PRIMECLUSTER software will be available in January.

PRIMEPOWER Open Cluster, a clustering solution for the Solaris environment based on VERITAS clustering technology, is also available from FTS and supports a mixed configuration of PRIMEPOWER and Sun® servers to provide investment protection for customers who need to cluster mixed Solaris compatible servers. VERITAS Cluster ServerTM (VCS) has the leading share of the cluster software market today, and FTS resells VERITAS products including the VERITAS Cluster Server, VERITAS Foundation SuiteTM, VERITAS File ReplicatorTM and VERITAS Volume ReplicatorTM, and VERITAS Volume ManagerTM. PRIMEPOWER Open Cluster is the only choice for mixed PRIMEPOWER server/Sun server clustering for high availability. PRIMEPOWER Open Cluster is available immediately.

® Active Resource Management Technology, resulting from an engineering collaboration between Aurema Pty Limited and Fujitsu Limited, is a revolutionary resource management technology for PRIMEPOWER servers that provides detailed monitoring and granular control of critical system resources such as processors and memory. Active Resource ManagementTM Technology (ARMTechTM ) software allows resources to be precisely allocated to specific applications or users to achieve optimal server utilization or to enforce pre-determined service level agreements. With ARMTech software, PRIMEPOWER customers will gain increased server efficiency, superior quality of service, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). ARMTech software is also invaluable in managing resource contention among consolidated applications. Application Service Providers (ASPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can use ARMTech software not only to improve efficiency and to enforce resource usage limits but also to accurately bill customers by by system resource usage. ARMTech software is immediately available on all PRIMEPOWER series.

® Remote monitoring provides continuous monitoring of PRIMEPOWER servers for the health of hardware components (i.e., fans, power supplies, etc.). PRIMEPOWER servers automatically “phone home” to the Amdahl® Global Services Center, and skilled technicians are notified and dispatched often before the customer even becomes aware of a problem, and before it can affect system or application availability. This enhanced capability is immediately available and standard on all PRIMEPOWER servers.

® Web-based system administration provides the flexibility to monitor PRIMEPOWER servers remotely through the Web. A detailed view of all hardware components allows the system administrator to stay on top of the use and state of the systems in support of data integrity, application assurance, and optimal performance levels. Administration of clustered PRIMEPOWER systems is now also available via the Intranet. Web-based administration rounds out a family of management tools that add extra value to PRIMEPOWER servers and contribute to reduced total cost of ownership. Web-based administration is standard and immediately available on all PRIMEPOWER servers.

® Premier security is offered by FTS through a strategic partnership with Argus Systems Group, Inc. With Argus PitBull software, FTS customers can quickly and easily protect application programs, data, system resources, and network connections from attack and misuse by hackers and rogue programs such as worms. PitBull allows the creation of a Secure Application Environment (special isolated compartments) for data and applications, so that one exploit cannot be used to gain system-wide access.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions, whose launch was announced on November 14, 2000, focuses on open systems in response to marketplace direction. The company brings together resources and expertise of Fujitsu Limited subsidiaries and leverages Fujitsu’s manufacturing capabilities and substantial R&D budget.

About Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, provides enterprise and e-business open systems server and storage solutions and related services that meet the needs of the world’s largest and most progressive users of information technology. Fujitsu Technology Solutions focuses on delivering the most available, scalable, and manageable solutions in the large-systems marketplace. Drawing on the skills and experience of Fujitsu Limited as well as its many partner companies, Fujitsu Technology Solutions helps customers take charge of today’s global, networked, interactive I.T. complexity.

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