The February 1999 Monthly Bulletin For Users Of SPARC Based Products

February 28, 1999

Issue No. 65

I. SPARC News……………!





Sterling Heights, MI–February 12, 1999–Rave Computer Association, a leading Sun OEM and authorized value-added system integrator announced today that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Embedded Systems Conference Spring, to be held at McCormick Place South, Chicago, during the first week of March 1-4, 1999.

Rave Computer Association, Inc., will be present in Sun Microsystems booth to demonstrate two rackmount systems with remote monitoring capabilities. Both systems are integrated with Sun Microsystems newest and latest SPARC technology and will be operating on Solaris 2.7. The Rave Systems RackMount-AXi (RM-AXi) features redundant power supplies, hard drives, auto-compensating fans, up to 360MHz CPU, and the optional intelligent system control board for remote monitoring capabilities. RM-AXi integrates Sun Microsystems Ultra AXi motherboard in an attractive 19″ 5U black rack-mountable chassis. The fault resilient AXi system highlights many robust features like up to 1GB memory, 10/100 bit Ethernet, six 33MHz/32-bit PCI slots, and integrated Dual-channel Ultra-wide SCSI.

The second system, Rave Systems RackMount-AXmp (RM-AXmp) features the newest Sun Microsystems Ultra AXmp motherboard that supports single to quad-processing capabilities in a 64-bit UltraSPARC-powered system. The Rave Systems RM-AXmp supports the full UltraSPARC I and II family of processor modules with level 2 cache, and up to six PCI slots, four at 33MHz and two at 66MHz, and maximum memory of up to 2GB. The optional intelligent system control board is built into the 19″ 5U rack-mountable chassis for remote monitoring capabilities. The powerful system also features a 600-watt power supply, integrated dual-channel Ultra-wide SCSI, and three cooling fans.

For more information about Rave Systems or about Rave Computer Association, Inc, call 1-800-966-7283, fax:810-939-8230; send e-mail to: Or visit our web site at


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Palo Alto, CA–February 24, 1999– Sun Microsystems has decided to help system integrators build low-cost boxes running the Linux operating system (OS) on Sun SPARC-based platforms. Sun has traditionally supported its Solaris flavor of Unix but not Linux.

In one of the first hardware-level support announcements to come from traditional Unix-oriented systems firms, Sun said its support will be in the form of SPARCengine Ultra AXi processor boards that are designed to run the upstart, freely distributed Linux OS. Sun said the board will permit high-performance platforms for Linux, which was originally written to be able to run on low-end and even obsolete Intel-based systems.

Since Sun joined Linux International last May, it has worked with the Linux open source software (OSS) community to port Linux to the UltraSPARC platform. System integrators can now download a free version of Linux for the UltraSPARC platform from various sites on the World Wide Web. Many are listed at

One industry segment targeted by the Sun-Linux effort is small and mid-sized Internet service providers (ISPs) that install servers with the SPARCengine Ultra AXi boards powered by UltraSPARC-IIi processors. The ISP market is one area where Linux has boomed, according to market studies.

Donovan Systems Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based manufacturer and provider of SPARC compatible systems and redundant array of independent disks (RAID) subsystems, was the first system integrator to demonstrate a SPARCengine AXi based system using Linux.

For information visit Sun’s web site at


Milpitas, CA–February 9, 1999– Tatung Science & Technology, Inc (TSTI), celebrating more than 10 years of commitment to the SPARC systems market, today launched the COMPstation U4MP Series Model 4400, a new high-end server that employs four, 400 MHz UltraSPARC-II processors. The COMPstation 4400 expands Tatung’s use of the PCI I/O bus as an integral new design component of the company’s SPARC-based workstations and servers, which are installed at tens of thousands of user sites throughout North America.

Tatung offers the COMPstation 4400 in both rack-mount and tower configurations. Now shipping, the compact, rack-mount models are designed to cater to the demanding needs of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), OEMs and industrial, commercial and communications applications.

Equipped with 4 MB of external cache per processor, the COMPstation 4400 enables users to leverage four-way UltraSPARC-II chip technology to accomplish a system performance of 17.7 SPECint_95* and 25.3 SPECfp_95* per CPU.

The server is available in a 19-inch rack-mountable chassis design that fits into existing ISP server banks and adapts easily to OEM, communications, commercial and industrial requirements. With a footprint that is 8.75 inches high, 17.25 inches wide, and 26 inches deep, the COMPstation 4400R’s space-saving design allows for easy vertical stacking.

“The COMPstation 4400 leverages faster processing capability to produce higher throughput, which in turn will reduce bottlenecks for users,” said Kam Chan, president of TSTI. “This powerful, four-way processing system, with increased storage space and a variety of configuration options, proves to be an unparalleled server for multi-tasking, compute-intensive or enterprise-wide business applications.”

The system comes pre-installed with Solaris 7, which includes an enhanced Common Desktop Environment for ease-of-use and intuitive operation. In addition, customers can maintain 100 percent binary compatibility with the application software they now use with their existing SPARC systems. No application changes are required in order for customers to continue to use the thousands of software programs available for the SPARC platform.

Beyond the Solaris 7 operating system and related software that comes standard with the new COMPstation 4400, Tatung also offers three modular software extensions – Solaris Easy Access Server, Solaris Enterprise Server and Solaris ISP Server – all available as options.

Easy Access Server is a software suite that equips corporate users with tools for improved system performance; remote connectivity and security; and network services and systems management. Solaris Enterprise Server delivers extended capabilities to users of enterprise-wide business applications, data warehousing and e-commerce solutions, while Solaris ISP Server offers a robust base for the quick launching of value-added services and effective operations management.

Rack-Mount Systems and Tower Cabinet Present a Variety of Features
The COMPstation 4400 supports two 66 MHz, 64-bit PCI devices and four 33 MHz, 64-bit PCI devices to provide multiple options for peripherals and add-ons. Standard configurations include four, 400 MHz UltraSPARC-II processors; one GB RAM; and 9 GB of hard disk storage. Other standard features consist of dual Ultra wide SCSI channels; two serial ports; one parallel port; and a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface.

The rack-mount server features up to six drive bays suitable for four, 5-1/4″ slots and two, 3-1/2″ slots. Options include up to 2 GB of RAM; up to 80 GB or more of hard disk storage; ATM connectivity and Ultra Wide SCSI. In addition, Tatung offers optional storage solutions, such as the COMP-raid 3000, which support its entire server line, including the COMPstation 4400. The COMP-Raid 3000 is a high-performance disk-array controller available in a small rack-mountable cabinet (7″H x 17.25″W x 18″D). Offering up to 144 GB of capacity or more, the device supports any mix of RAID configurations including RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3 and 5.

The tower cabinet can fit 14 or more drive bays to provide extra drive capacity. Four durable wheels are mounted on the bottom for added mobility. Redundant power supplies, available as a standard feature, provide added protection against power module failure.

For more information, contact Tatung Science & Technology, Inc., 1840 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035; Toll Free: 1-800-659-5902; email:; Web-site:


Research Triangle, NC–February 18, 1999– Red Hat Software, Inc. announced today that it has entered an alliance with IBM to deliver, via IBM Business Partners, high-performance IBM systems running Official Red Hat Linux.

Red Hat and IBM will work collaboratively to optimize IBM personal system hardware for running Red Hat Linux, providing customers with powerful and reliable enterprise and e-business solutions on the Red Hat Linux platform. Both companies will work together to provide enterprise-level technical support and will conduct joint marketing to enterprise customers. As a first demonstration of high performing e-business solutions based on Red Hat Linux and IBM hardware, several high traffic Red Hat web sites will be powered by the award winning Netfinity line of servers.

More than 10 million users currently run the Linux operating system. According to IDC Research, Linux was the fastest-growing server operating environment in 1998, capturing more than 17 percent of all server operating system shipments. A new survey in Linuxworld showed that 74 percent of those polled cite Red Hat as the most recognized Linux vendor.

For more information about Red Hat Software and Red Hat products and technologies, please call 1-888-REDHAT1 or visit our web site at


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– Custom packaging and installation support materials.
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Virtual Technology is pleased to review your equipment roll-out requirements for quotation and your Review. Please contact Mike Dolik, Deployment Services Group at (248) 524-0952. You may also visit their web site at


Fremont, CA–February 25, 1999– Insignia Solutions®, announced today the upcoming launch of Jeode(TM) (pronounced “Jee-ode”), its implementation of Sun’s Java technology for embedded systems. Jeode was introduced at the Embedded Systems Conference last fall under the name Jene(TM). The company anticipates customer shipments of Jeode by the end of March.

Insignia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sun Microsystems recently, which could set the stage for success of Jeode in the embedded marketplace. “We’re very excited to be working in partnership with Sun,” stated Rick Noling, president and CEO of Insignia. “When Sun formally announced its JINI technology in December, we recognized the possibility of confusion by the similarity between the two names. In order to avoid confusing potential customers, we are changing the name to Jeode prior to the official release of the product in March.”

Insignia Solutions is a leading provider of virtual machine technology that dynamically optimizes the use of available system resources. Jeode, Insignia’s implementation of Sun’s Java(TM) technology specifically designed for embedded systems, allows developers to create reliable, efficient and predictable embedded devices that are enabled by the Company’s Embedded Virtual Machine.

The publicly held Company’s US headquarters are in Fremont, California, and its main R&D facilities are in High Wycombe, England. Sales and Marketing departments are located in Fremont and High Wycombe. For additional information on Insignia and its products, call 800/848-7677 in the United States and +44(0)1628 539 570 in Europe, or visit the Company’s Web site at


Moorpark, CA–February 16, 1999– EIS Computers, manufacturer of Solaris UltraSPARC hardware and software solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the 360 MHz, 2MB cache UltraSPARC II(i) on its Fusion-iX platform, and the 400 MHz, 4 MB cache UltraSPARC II on its Fusion-MX platform. The new CPUs represent the latest generation of Sun Microsystems’ high performance processors for the mid-range server market.

The EIS Fusion-iX platform is configured with a 4.5, 9 or 18GB UltraSCSI disk, 64MB-1GB of RAM, and a choice of operating systems preinstalled, including Solaris 2.6, Solaris 7 and UltraSPARC Linux.

Available with one to four CPUs, the Fusion-MX offers a level of I/O bandwidth and CPU speed demanded by today’s fast growth ISPs. Fusion-MX delivers 128MB-2 GB of RAM, and uses a 576-bit data path, compared to typical 64-bit Pentium data path. Built-in Fusion-MX features make it an ideal platform for a multi-site web server, or a busy web-database web application.

All Fusion servers are available with features specifically needed by ISPs. These include rack-mountable chassis, redundant hot-swappable power supplies, hot-swappable drives, remote management features and RAID disk subsystems.

Founded in 1994, EIS Computers,, is an original equipment manufacturer that produces and markets high-performance computer systems which provide resellers, integrators, ISPs and small to mid-size businesses with a streamlined way to acquire Solaris-UltraSPARC or Solaris-Intel based computing. EIS’ Solaris-compatible workstations and servers use genuine Sun Microsystems and Intel board-level products as the basis of its customized platforms. Offerings include the UltraSPARC-based Fusion Series and the Intel-based VerteX Series, both driven by Sun’s Solaris operating system. EIS also provides custom hardware and software integration services, and a wide range of off-the-shelf applications and utility software packages, available separately through EIS’ Solaris WebStore.

For additional information vist EIS Computers, Inc. web site at, email, address 207 W. Los Angeles Ave, #303, Moorpark, CA 93201, phone +805 383-1466, Fax +805 383-1470.


The SPARC Compliant brand, awarded by SPARC International, assures end users that systems so branded will work with any other product branded to the same level of the “SPARC Compliant Definition (SCD).” This list, updated monthly, includes changes made to the master list of SPARC Compliant products.

ADDITIONS (System Products):

Company & Product Name O/S SCD DATE
Force Computers SPARC CPUI-520 2.6 2.1 02-22-99

The SPARC Verified brand, awarded by SPARC International, assures end users that the peripherals they want to use will work on the SPARC Compliant systems they target. This list, updated monthly, includes changes made to the master list of SPARC Verified products.

ADDITIONS (Peripheral Verification Tested Products):

Company & Product Name O/S SCD DATE
Camintonn ULTRA1-128 2.6 2.1 02-05-99
Camintonn ULTRA10-64 Solaris 7 2.1 02-09-99
Camintonn ULTRA10-128 Solaris 7 2.1 02-09-99
Camintonn ULTRA10-256 Solaris 7 2.1 02-09-99
Camintonn ULTRA10-512 Solaris 7 2.1 02-09-99
Camintonn ENTERPRISE 450-128 2.6 2.1 02-23-99
Camintonn ENTERPRISE 450-256 2.6 2.1 02-23-99
Camintonn ENTERPRISE 450-512 2.6 2.1 02-23-99
Camintonn ENTERPRISE 450-1GB 2.6 2.1 02-23-99
Camintonn ULTRA1-64 2.6 2.1 02-23-99
Camintonn ULTRA1-256 2.6 2.1 02-23-99
Camintonn ULTRA2-128 2.6 2.1 02-23-99
Camintonn ULTRA2-256 2.6 2.1 02-23-99
Camintonn ULTRA2-512 2.6 2.1 02-23-99
Camintonn COMPraid 3000 Solaris 7 2.1 03-01-99

SPARC International has verified to the best of its ability all of the product information contained in this newsletter. Information in this newsletter has been provided by the vendors. SPARC International has not reviewed claims made about product features or functions, and is not responsible for the accuracy of such claims. Users may want to obtain references, documentation, and/or demonstrations before purchasing any products or services. No vendor is authorized to act as an agent of SPARC International, or to make any representations or warranties on SPARC International’s behalf.


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SPARC International has verified to the best of its ability all of the product information contained in this newsletter. Information in this newsletter has been provided by the vendors. SPARC International has not reviewed claims made about product features or functions, and is not responsible for the accuracy of such claims. Users may want to obtain references, documentation, and/or demonstrations before purchasing any products or services. No vendor is authorized to act as an agent of SPARC International, or to make any representations or warranties on SPARC International’s behalf.

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