Sun Microsystems Reveals Details of Next-Generation Java Enterprise Edition 5: Reducing Complexity and Increasing Developer Productivity

New Features Reduce Development Complexity and Increase Productivity for Developers

June 29, 2005

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), founder and lead advocate for Java technology, today announced the availability of new features in the next edition of its popular Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Java EE 5. With these additions, Java EE 5 will bring ease of development and increased productivity for the Java community.

“With more than three million downloads and 26 Java compatible application server vendors, Java EE is the cornerstone of enterprise and web-based computing,” said Joe Keller, vice president of marketing, Applications and Developer Platforms, Sun Microsystems. “By listening to developers and building on Sun’s history of innovation in the Java platform, today we’re delivering the features that will facilitate the development of portable, robust, scalable enterprise applications.”

Key features in Java EE 5 will include:

  • Making the growing power and robustness of Java EE more readily accessible through ease of development features such as annotations, simplified common coding scenarios, streamlined deployment and new utility classes and helpers;
  • Eagerly anticipated new APIs and services such as a JSP standard tag library, StAX, Web Services Metadata, JAXB, easy web applications with JavaServer Faces, Common Annotations and a new persistence API;
  • Significant enhancements to existing interfaces offering simplified and expanded web services support, greatly simplified EJB development, extended management and deployment and updated JavaServer Pages;
  • Coordinated efforts across new and existing APIs to further advance the Java EE platform as the preeminent environment for building and deploying Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs).

Additionally, Sun has open sourced the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0 (AS PE 9.0), based on the Java EE 5 reference implementation and included within the Solaris 10 platform. Available on, this is the next step in Sun’s strategy to provide broader community participation in Java technology development and to empower customers with a low-cost, high-value business computing platform.

By opening up the source code for the Sun Java System AS PE 9.0 and making the latest builds available on a nightly basis, Sun will streamline the evolution of a robust, commercial-quality Java EE 5-compatible application server that is packed with new features and functionality. Licensees and users will also continue to enjoy the benefits of write-once-run-anywhere computing inherent in the Java platform, with continued compatibility testing by Sun.

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