Sun and NTT COMWARE Demonstrate Next Generation SIP Application Server Technology on Sun’s Netra ATCA Blade Platform at SUPERCOMM

First Public Demonstration of Sun’s High Performance, Highly Available Netra ATCA Blade Platform; Industry Support from Leading Real-Time Data Management Providers

CHICAGO, Ill. – SUPERCOMM Conference (Booth #78022)
June 6, 2005

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:SUNW) and NTT COMWARE, a group company of NTT , today made the first public demonstration of Sun’s upcoming Netra ATCA (advanced telecom computing architecture) blade platform at 2005 Supercomm. The demonstration shows NTT COMWARE’s next-generation SIP application server technology for “triple-play” services (voice, video and data) on Sun’s Netra ATCA blade running carrier-grade Solaris Operating System. This new platform is scheduled for release at the end of 2005.

“Today we are demonstrating a major step toward enabling service providers to quickly deploy next generation voice, video and data services on our upcoming ATCA platform,” said Raju Penumatcha, VP of Netra Systems and Networking (NSN), Sun Microsystems. “This demonstration validates the importance of Sun’s ATCA strategy for high-performance, highly available next-generation telecom services that meet the demand of today’s service providers.”

The combination of the UltraSPARC processor-based ATCA blade running the proven carrier-grade Solaris 10 Operating System, NTT COMWARE’s best-in-breed SIP application server and NMS Communications’ Open Access platform will uniquely enable high performance, highly available triple-play services for emerging fixed mobile convergent networks.

“NTT COMWARE has been working very closely with Sun on our next-generation SIP application server technology and we intend to deploy this technology on Sun’s ATCA blade platform to enable triple-play services for our key service provider customers,” said a senior vice president with NTT COMWARE. “Leveraging an open, standards-based computing platform like Sun’s Netra ATCA blade platform will allow us the flexibility to rapidly deploy revenue-generating services that can easily adapt to evolving marketplace needs.”

Earlier this year, Sun announced that NMS Communications would be delivering its OpenAccess technology on Sun’s upcoming ATCA platform. Concurrently, NMS Communications is announcing publicly its plans for delivering its ATCA standards-based OpenAccess products to the market. This real-world telecom application provides the first tangible example of this collaboration on Sun’s ATCA blade platform.

Additional Industry Support From Leading Real-Time Data Management Providers: TimesTen and Solid Information Technology

To accelerate development and deployment of next-generation telecom services, such as IP multimedia subsystems (IMS), Sun today also announced alliances with leading real-time data management software providers, TimesTen and Solid Information Technology. Next-generation telecom services, such as IMS, demand real-time data management and open, scalable ATCA platforms to meet the performance and capacity requirements of today’s service providers. Real-time data management software is used to facilitate seamless call transfer from one network to another and enable location/presence-based services without noticeable delays.

“By bringing together Sun’s Netra ATCA blade platform with leading embedded data management providers, service providers and network equipment providers will be able to more quickly develop and deploy revenue-enhancing next generation telecom services for emerging convergent networks,” said Raju Penumatcha, VP of Netra Systems and Networking, Sun Microsystems. “Sun’s Netra ATCA blade platform will deliver the scalable, highly available, carrier-grade platform needed to make next generation telecom services cost-effective while reducing time-to-revenue.”

TimesTen will be qualifying and delivering its embedded, real-time data management software products on Sun’s Netra ATCA blade platform, supporting both Solaris 10 and carrier-grade Linux operating systems. TimesTen’s products, based on in-memory SQL relational database technology (RDBMS) and open, standard APIs, provide the ideal foundation for such services, and match the carrier-grade expectations of service providers worldwide.

“TimesTen and Sun have been working together for more than six years to meet the needs of telecom customers. We share a commitment to providing best-in-class software and hardware infrastructures that innovate and optimize value,” said John Trembley, director of telecom and networking at TimesTen. “The Sun Netra ATCA blade platform and TimesTen’s real-time data management software are well-positioned for the evolution of core networks and converged services.”

Similarly, Solid Information Technology, a long time Sun partner, will also be qualifying and delivering its complete embedded data management software platform on Sun’s Netra ATCA blade platform, supporting both Solaris 10 and carrier-grade Linux operating systems. Optimized for carrier-grade telecom devices and services, Solid’s embedded data management software platform provides a truly integrated in-memory and disk based SQL relational database engine (RDBMS) that includes patented bi-directional data distribution technology to guarantee data consistency across loosely connected systems.

“By bringing together Sun’s standards-based ATCA blade platform with Solid’s standards-based embedded data management software platform, we are making it much easier for service providers to speed their next-generation services to market,” said Alain Couder, President and CEO of Solid Information Technology. “Solid delivers proven, high-availability core technology so that service providers don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can instead focus on creating new services like IMS, VoIP, PTT and other novel IP-based services.”

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