Oracle® Database 10g on Fujitsu® PRIMEPOWERT 2500 Server Sets World Record For Very Large Data Warehousing Performance

November 20, 2003

Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ: ORCL) today underscored why so many customers run the Oracle Database for their decision-support needs by announcing a world-record TPC-H 1000GB (one terabyte) benchmark result for Oracle(r) Database 10g.

Running on a Fujitsu® PRIMEPOWER™ 2500 server with 64 SPARC64 processors on the Solaris 9 operating system, Oracle Database 10g achieved a record-breaking 34,492.5 QphH@1000GB at a price performance of (EUR)156/QphH@1000GB. Oracle Database 10g outperformed the best TPC-H one terabyte results from IBM DB2 by 54 percent and delivered more than six times better performance than Microsoft SQL Server(1).

Oracle’s newest database software, Oracle Database 10g, helps customers generate timely, analytical reports with higher levels of availability, scalability and reliability.

“With data volume and complexity on the rise, it has become increasingly important for customers to deploy data warehouse solutions that can accommodate growth and rapid return on investment,” said Richard Sarwal, vice president, server performance, Oracle Corporation. “Oracle Database 10g includes new automated management features that further Oracle’s reputation for providing the best database software available at lower total costs of ownership than competing databases.”

About Oracle Database 10g

Oracle Database 10g is designed to be effectively deployed on everything from small servers to the biggest SMP servers and from clusters to enterprise grids. It features automated tuning and management capabilities that make it easy and cost effective to operate. Its unique ability to natively manage all your data from traditional business information to OLAP, to XML documents, to spatial/location information make it the ideal choice to power Online Transaction Processing, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Content Management applications.


Oracle Database 10g is scheduled to be available by the end of the calendar year on all supported platforms. Members of Oracle Technology Network (OTN) will be able to download the new database software free of charge at For more information, customers may contact Oracle Direct at 1-800-633-0753, or their Oracle sales representative.

About TPC-H

TPC-H is a decision support benchmark consisting of a suite of business oriented ad-hoc queries and concurrent data modifications. The performance metric is called the TPC-H Composite Query-per-Hour Performance Metric (QphH@Size) and reflects multiple aspects of the capability of the system to process queries. More information is available at

About Oracle

Oracle is the world’s largest enterprise software company. For more information about Oracle, visit our Web site at


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As of October 16, 2003: Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 2500, 34,492.5 QphH@1000GB (EUR)156/QphH@1000GB available 1/31/04. Unisys ES7000 Aries 420 Enterprise Server, 5,199.1 QphH@1000GB, $119.12/QphH@1000GB, available 10/15/03 (1). HP ProLiant DL760 x900-128P, 22,361.9 QphH@1000GB, $253/QphH@1000GB, available 6/20/02 (1).