SPARC International, Inc.® owns all of the SPARC trademarks and under licensing agreements allows the proper use of these trademarks by its members.

Membership in SPARC International is open to organizations or individuals involved in the design, development, manufacture, application, service, promotion or sale of products that utilize the SPARC architecture. Levels of membership offer more or less influence over technical and market development. For membership information email: info AT


Annual Dues: $150,000

Companies that have a strategic interest in directing the evolution of the SPARC architecture, and the direction and activities of SPARC International, are candidates for Executive membership. Executive members hold seats on the Board of Directors and the Architecture Committee, and are the only members eligible to vote on changes to SI specifications.


Annual Dues: $20,000

Original manufacturers of systems hardware and software are candidates for Associate membership. Associate members elect two representatives to the Board of Directors, and have access to all association activities except evolution of the SPARC architecture.


Annual Dues: $1,500

Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s), Independent Hardware Vendors (IHV’s), Value-Added Resellers (VAR’s), Original Engineering Manufacturers (OEM’s) targeting the installed base of SPARC microprocessors and systems, and interested in promoting the continued growth of SPARC market share, are candidates for ISV/IHV/VAR/OEM membership. ISV/IHV/VAR/OEM members elect one representative to the Board of Directors, and have access to association services specific to their product type.


Annual Dues: $100

Academic Institutions (i.e. colleges & universities) that do not supply products or services are candidates for Academic membership. Academics have access to the association’s basic information services including downloads.