SPARC International, Inc.® owns all of the SPARC trademarks and under licensing agreements allows the proper use of these trademarks by its members.

The trademarks of SPARC International, Inc. symbolize the quality, reliability, and excellence of the products based upon and compatible with the SPARC architecture. SPARC trademarks help not only to maintain the identity and reputation of such products, but also serve to differentiate SPARC products from those which utilize different technologies. Thus, SPARC International’s growing list of trademarks constitutes a valuable component of the marketing strategy of SPARC International members. The value of SPARC trademarks resides in the goodwill generated as they become increasingly identified with high standards of quality, technical excellence and business credibility.

SPARC International trademarks are visible emblems of each member company’s “corporate identity” and, when viewed, should bring to mind that style, product quality, technological leadership, management character, and even corporate personality that make members distinctive entities in the electronics industry and allied fields. Because that identity plays a crucial role in reinforcing the recognition of, and preference for, SPARC products and services, SPARC trademarks represent a powerful sales tool in the marketplace. To protect the value of these marks, they must be used correctly. In fact, the use of these marks in advertisements, corporate Press Releases, technical papers, and even in newspaper or magazine articles will strengthen the validity of our marks.

This guide is intended to help SPARC International members to use SPARC trademarks correctly and to encourage broad and consistent display of the marks. In the first section, we identify and explain the standards for proper use of the three categories of SPARC International trademarks:

  1. trademarks which identify our organization;
  2. trademarks used for “branding” of SPARC-based and SPARC-compatible products; and
  3. trademarks which are used to give particular SPARC-brand products a unique identity.

Next, we present a summary of trademark law which will hopefully afford a better understanding of the reasons for the policies and standards we ask you to follow.

As you read this material, please remember that SPARC trademarks are important and valuable corporate assets and, as such, should be treated and used with care. To preserve rights in these trademarks, all SPARC marks must be used properly and consistently. If rules of proper trademark usage are not observed, SPARC trademarks may be weakened or lost altogether. By contrast, through correct usage, the value and strength of SPARC trademarks and service marks will increase with time!