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SPARC Architecture Manual, Version 8

SPARC International members are viewed with high standards of quality and technological leadership, making members distinctive entities in the electronics industry and allied fields.

Our programs are funded entirely by our members who have created, for example, over two (2) dozen different compatible microprocessors since the SPARC was first announced. This organization of dedicated members supports SPARC International and its purpose of being: “An Open Standards consortium providing the fruit of fair competition in the SPARC arena.”

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Executive Level Members:

Oracle Corporation (

Oracle SPARC Processor Documentation

Fujitsu Ltd. (

  For Fujitsu Sparc64 Processor Documentation:

        SPARC64TM XII Specification

SPARC64TM X/X+ Specification 

SPARC64TM IXfx Extensions

SPARC64TM VIIIfx Extensions

SPARC64TM VII Extensions

SPARC64TM VI Extensions

SPARC JPS1 Implementation Supplement: Fujitsu SPARC64 V

SPARC® JPS1 commonality

Sparc64 Processor Documentation (in Japanese)


Affiliate Level Members:

Frontgrade Gaisler AB  (

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP  (

Zhuhai Orbita Aerospace Science & Technology Co., Ltd.  (