The Holy See Chooses Sun Microsystems to Create New Collaborative Infrastructure for Catholic Community

Sun Java Enterprise System Provides Reliable, Secure Messaging Infrastructure

June 8, 2005

Sun Microsystems, Inc., the creator and leading advocate of Java(tm) technology, has been chosen by the Holy See to provide a secure end-to-end infrastructure to manage its Internet Office activities. The Sun Java Enterprise System, an integrated, open standards-based software system, along with Sun Fire servers running the Solaris Operating System and connected to a Sun StorEdge array create the foundation of this collaborative infrastructure.

“E-mail is one of the most important IT services we provide at the Holy See — enabling our internal communication, facilitating correspondence between our consulates, and aiding our worldwide evangelization efforts,” said Sister Judith Zoebelein, Internet Office, Holy See. “We now have an efficient, easy-to-manage enterprise communications solution that can reliably support our massive volume of daily e-mail traffic.”

As the first phase of the project, the Sun Client Solutions team designed and implemented an end-to-end messaging infrastructure in just two months, which was comprised of key components of the Sun Java Enterprise System, including the Messaging Server and Directory Server.

The Messaging Server’s enhanced e-mail account management, security and filtering capabilities enable messages to be managed in a highly sophisticated way, enabling the new messaging solution to support more than 100,000 e-mails a day, with 99.999% system availability. The new infrastructure also provides the Holy See with other benefits, including a significant reduction in system administration and a substantial decrease in help-desk call volume.

“The reliability of our Solaris-based platform and Sun’s experience in managing complex IT infrastructures were key to providing a complete solution to enable Holy See with the ability to handle high-volume email exchanges,” said Mauro Banchero, Managing Director, Sun Microsystems Italy. “We welcome the Holy See as one of our valued customers and we are proud of our contribution to such a strategic project.”

Moving forward, the Holy See plans to build a new worldwide portal to strengthen its web community and centralize its multiple external and internal Internet sites. Sun is now working with the team to implement the Portal Solution with components of the Sun Java Enterprise System. The new portal will provide users with fast, anytime access to comprehensive applications and services, including content management, streaming, e-learning, and collaboration.

Sun also provided instructor-led training for the Holy See IT staff on administering the Sun Java Enterprise System and Sun Fire servers. Because of the flexibility of the open standards-based software system, the Holy See can easily integrate third-party products for increased security services into its new infrastructure.

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